Friday, July 19, 2013

Updating Raspbmc

So I had an interesting adventure installing the latest version of Raspbmc. For some reason, the Raspi64 completely crashed when I tried to update over the air. I then tried to do a fresh re-install using the 'install to usb device' option, which also kept failing. This meant I needed to open up the case and reformat the internal USB drive... So I figured this was a great opportunity to take some more internal pictures for you guys!
Shown here with the top removed:

Here are some shots of the USB hub and wifi card packed in tightly

In this you can kind of see my USB thumb drive the system is running from. I had to remove the casings from all of these devices so they could fit inside. It is a rather tight squeeze in there. I actually have to have everything aligned perfectly to even get the top to fit back on :)

Anyway, back to the story. I finally got Raspbmc to reinstall after a few hours of trial and error. What I ended up doing, was letting this system do the initial installation, to initialize the USB drive. When it called for a reboot to continue, I had to hook it up on my Bench 'Pi (which I just repaired)  to finish the updates and kernel initialization and such.

Here is my bench 'Pi  finishing the updates.

When it finished, I hooked everything back up without the top case (just in case it didn't work) and fired it up!

Between the 'Pi's LEDs, the flashing orange and green from the USB drive and wi-fi card, an the red N64 LED, it puts on quite the light show. I tried to time the picture to get all of them, but I couldn't get more than this shot.
Luckily, everything worked fantastically, I've sealed it back up, and it's running beautifully.  

Here's a shot of it up and running! I must say, I love the new Raspbmc confluence theme! I would like to see a higher resolution wallpaper though. It looks great at 720p, but I run this at 1080p and it looks a little grainy on my TV... :/ 

That's all for now! I'll keep you posted when I more done on it! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New projects incoming!

I'm starting an exciting new project semi-related to this one  I will add a link here when I get that project page up. But for now, I am in the need of a fairly large millennium falcon toy (at least 12 inches round) for "science". It will be dismantled and dismembered and made amazing. If you have one to donate to the cause or sell me cheap let me know. Note it will be used for science so you won't be getting it back :)

In related news, A trip to megathrift and goodwill and 15 bucks later and I have added a 1985 original Nintendo and a 2nd run PSX to my collection. I am sad to say they both seem to work fine, so I won't be demolishing them for science... yet. I do need to bum an NES controller and game to see if the Nintendo actually runs but it powers up nicely. The PSX plays cd's nicely using the PS2 hookups so it should play games as well. 
Still no luck on finding my (cheap) millennium falcon though... If any of you spot one give me a shout.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I opened up an etsy shop to sell off some of the cool things I've made from the guts of my 64 from this project and the other cool things I'll be making in the near future! So go check it out!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

All buttoned up

So I have pretty much wrapped it up. I've worked out all the kinks I've run into so far and will continue to post updates as I run into more. Here are a few of my finished product pics! Enjoy!
The final interior layout before I buttoned it up. I ended up re-installing Raspbmc to a usb drive to be left inside the 64 that I forgot to snap a pic of before it went in, though it still needs the sd card in the cartridge to boot.

A better pic of the HDMI hookup

HDMI from the side and the external USB port (and my favorite pen)

External ethernet jack: the pi has a wireless N 150 card installed inside, but the re-installs are so much easier from the wired connection. 

A view of the undercarriage 

From the top: you can see the a/v ports through the memory expansion port

Front view without cartridge:

With cartridge:

I also recorded a short video showing the boot and shutdown here: please excuse the pony, she's a good luck charm :)

Thats all for now! Hope you like it!