Sunday, March 17, 2013

All buttoned up

So I have pretty much wrapped it up. I've worked out all the kinks I've run into so far and will continue to post updates as I run into more. Here are a few of my finished product pics! Enjoy!
The final interior layout before I buttoned it up. I ended up re-installing Raspbmc to a usb drive to be left inside the 64 that I forgot to snap a pic of before it went in, though it still needs the sd card in the cartridge to boot.

A better pic of the HDMI hookup

HDMI from the side and the external USB port (and my favorite pen)

External ethernet jack: the pi has a wireless N 150 card installed inside, but the re-installs are so much easier from the wired connection. 

A view of the undercarriage 

From the top: you can see the a/v ports through the memory expansion port

Front view without cartridge:

With cartridge:

I also recorded a short video showing the boot and shutdown here: please excuse the pony, she's a good luck charm :)

Thats all for now! Hope you like it!

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