Saturday, April 6, 2013

New projects incoming!

I'm starting an exciting new project semi-related to this one  I will add a link here when I get that project page up. But for now, I am in the need of a fairly large millennium falcon toy (at least 12 inches round) for "science". It will be dismantled and dismembered and made amazing. If you have one to donate to the cause or sell me cheap let me know. Note it will be used for science so you won't be getting it back :)

In related news, A trip to megathrift and goodwill and 15 bucks later and I have added a 1985 original Nintendo and a 2nd run PSX to my collection. I am sad to say they both seem to work fine, so I won't be demolishing them for science... yet. I do need to bum an NES controller and game to see if the Nintendo actually runs but it powers up nicely. The PSX plays cd's nicely using the PS2 hookups so it should play games as well. 
Still no luck on finding my (cheap) millennium falcon though... If any of you spot one give me a shout.

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